Mitzvah Photography Weston |Danielle|


Danielle had the most beautiful celebration at Temple Dor Dorim in Weston!  What a beautiful young lady and an equally lovely family supporting her! Her Mitvah theme says it all – XOXO!  Danielle and her family put on quite an amazing party with such coloful decor and great food. Catering was by Scott at Palm Caterers, fabulous decor by Jennifer at Styled Events.

Mitzvah Photography Weston is one of our specialties, so give us a call today at 954-351-8884 to inquire about your childs big day!

Mitzvah Photography – Weston

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If you a looking for Mitzvah Photography – Weston, give us a call to inquire about your big day! We love shooting Mitzvah’s! Images that will last a lifetime at affordable prices!