Full Exposure Photographers Meet Up – Oct 2017


This week we got together for another of our famous Full Exposure Photography Meetups. We just love to meet with photographers, models, makeup artists and stylists in this challenging industry of ours. And of course it is always fun to shoot with new models that we have never worked with before, and for this Meetup we had the gorgeous Alena and Emma to shoot. And they did not disappoint.

Getting together with fellow photographers, models, makeup artists and others in the industry is always such a rewarding experience. We have so much to learn from each others experiences, and it helps us to shortcut the school of hard knocks and avoid making the same mistakes as our colleagues made. Here are our studio we love to hold regular meetup groups, and often these turn into informal workshops where we reverse engineer an image that we admire, and see if we can replicate the lighting and overall approach. It really helps to have many photographer examining the image, looking for things we otherwise might have missed, and displaying the images on large monitors makes this a breeze.

Call Kim in our studio to make sure that you are on our mailing list so that you will get an invite to our next Meetup / Workshop. Also remember that photographers who sign up for our very affordable Studio Membership Plans get significant discounts on our Meetup and workshops. Read more about our Studio Membership Plans

full exposure photographers meet up #3

Great to have great makeup artists helping us our during our Meetup. Our Studio Manager Kim, flanked by Kimberly and Bryanna

full exposure photographers meet up #3

Shooting with the gorgeous Alena

The tall elegant Emma

full exposure photographers meet up #3

Photographer watch as another shooter gets to work with Alena.

The high available lighting conditions allows several shooters to get simultaneous shots

full exposure photographers meet up #3

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