Full Exposure Photographers Meet Up Group – AUG 2017


For this meetup we raised the bar even further by bringing in two very well known and highly published models, Melissa Lori and Jessie Jess. We also brought in Sid Siddiqui, publisher of several magazines including Mancave. This allowed our photographers and models to get the inside scoop on what magazines are looking for, how to submit your images, and how to ensure that the content you are submitting has a high chance of being published.

Danny Steyn has been a life long editorial shooter and his images have appeared in everything from Playboy to Sports Illustrated and he was able to discuss with the photographers and models present exactly how he had gone about ensuring his images made the covers and pages of the worlds most prestigious magazines

Getting together with fellow photographers, models, makeup artists and others in the industry is always such a rewarding experience. We have so much to learn from each others experiences, and it helps us to shortcut the school of hard knocks and avoid making the same mistakes as our colleagues made. Here are our studio we love to hold regular meetup groups, and often these turn into informal workshops where we reverse engineer an image that we admire, and see if we can replicate the lighting and overall approach. It really helps to have many photographer examining the image, looking for things we otherwise might have missed, and displaying the images on large monitors makes this a breeze.

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full exposure photographers meet up group - #2

Photographers discuss camera and lighting settings while others shoot. What makes our Meetup Group so special is that we always have a mix of skills attending, from beginners, through amateurs to well published professionals

full exposure photographers meet up group - #2

Melissa Lori posing for one of our photographers


The one and only Melissa Lori, shot by one of the photographers in attendance at our Meetup Group

full exposure photographers meet up group - #2

The radical Jessie Jess being photographed against a very cool backdrop in our Cyc Studio

Mancave magazine editor and publisher Sid Siddiqui, with Danny Steyn and two of our Meetup Photographers

full exposure photographers meet up - #2

The awesome Jessie Jess!