Celebrity Photography Fort Lauderdale


We had the distinct pleasure of working  in our Fort Lauderdale studio this week on a celebrity photography shoot with Five-Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield.  The shoot started on such a nice vibe as the champ is very laid back, friendly with a wicked sense of humor!

Client arrived with all the props needed for the shoot along with a large shot list.The shoot rolled along very smoothly, getting everything the client and creative director, Jonathan wanted all the while having a great time.  All images were shot using multipe sports themes and being shot on floating white background.

After the shoot was over we had some time to sit with Evander and hear some stories of his fighting days as well as lots of fun stuff about his family, especially his beloved mother.

Here are just a few of the behind the scenes shots as well as a few shots we edited quickly to show what we did, enjoy!

celebrity photography fort lauderdale

France our make up artist making the champ look great!celebrity photography fort lauderdale!behind-the-scenes-0012

Evander having a little boxing fun with the photographer, Courtnie!celebrity photography ft lauderdale behind-the-scenes-0022

The team, Kim, Evander, Jonathan and Courtnie!behind-the-scenes-0024 behind-the-scenes-0031 celebrity photography fort lauderdale celebrity photography fort lauderdale celebrity photography fort lauderdale CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE

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