Fitness Photography Fort Lauderdale

FITNESS PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE Ken came to us after seeing our online gallery and thought that we should shoot his fitness photos while he was in prime shape after working very hard to get there!  It takes a lot of patience, hard work, eating right and attitude in order to get in that great shape! […]

Catalog Photography Fort Lauderdale

Catalog Photography Fort Lauderdale Quality catalog photography is essential in today’s catalog marketplace, where competition is fierce and plentiful.  You need to have great photography to showcase all of your products and cell phone images just won’t do.  Whether we are a vendor or a consumer, we all immediately recognize and appreciate catalogs where the […]

Model Portfolio Photography Fort Lauderdale

MODEL PORTFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE Are you interested in starting a career in modeling?  Model Portfolio Photography Fort Lauderdale is what you need to get started in the industry. You will need some great images that will show off your talent and versatility to local model agencies! We will shoot everything from headshots to great […]

Celebrity Photography Fort Lauderdale

CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE We had the distinct pleasure of working  in our Fort Lauderdale studio this week on a celebrity photography shoot with Five-Time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield.  The shoot started on such a nice vibe as the champ is very laid back, friendly with a wicked sense of humor! Client arrived with all […]

Acting Headshots Photography Ft Lauderdale

ACTING HEADSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY FT LAUDERDALE If you are thinking about getting into acting or just looking to update your acting headshots then you’ve come to the right photographer.  We are very skilled at getting the right shots that will help you get noticed. Our Fort Lauderdale studio is state of the art and with various […]

Model Photographer Fort Lauderdale

MODEL PHOTOGRAPHER FORT LAUDERDALE Victoria came to us for our Deluxe Model Portfolio Package looking to get some great shots for her portfolio.  She is an absolute stunner and has lots of potential to make it in the industry.  She is currently studying fashion at college and hoping she can tie this into her future […]

Business Headshot Photography Fort Lauderdale

BUSINESS HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY FORT LAUDERDALE Adept Studios is always shooting new business headshots for all kinds of busy people. From Doctors to Lawyers to Real Estate Agents and Corporate Officers, we do it all.  We take pride in providing great shots at affordable prices.  With our state of the art central Fort Lauderdale Studio and […]